On Bookshelves Soon

What a thrilling few weeks it’s been.  From my moment I got the news about my acceptance as a fiction writer in early June, the process has been full of wonderful firsts.

Like being assigned my first editor, Gina Bernal. Of course, I’ve assured her that her workload will be light, as every word from my fingertips is gold, but all the same, given how solitary writing is, it’s lovely to have someone with her background making my stories even better.

Like my first contract. While it’s the sort of thing that would probably thrill Clarence Darrow more than the average person on the street, there was something so satisfying about reading the contract, point by point, and understanding the multi-national considerations that underpin every single title.

And perhaps most exciting of all, even more than the call or the edits or the contract, my first RELEASE DATE.

I wish there was some way of adding sparkles or fireworks or cha-chaing dancers to those words. Cap locks seem so pedestrian for such a BIG DEAL.

But since beggars (and non web-programmy types) can’t be choosers,
I am thrilled to my marrow to announce that my first novella, The Debutante’s Dilemma, will be published by Carina Press November 8, 2010.

And so it’s fitting really that my first post on my new blog is about such a momentous first. This is going to be a summer of wonderful firsts, I suspect.

Firsts, of course, but not lasts!

One thought on “On Bookshelves Soon

  1. Congratulations! How thrilling. My happiness for you is tinged with a very subtle green of envy as a prospective author myself. Would love to hear more about your venture into the writing world. Good luck and look forward to reading the new book.

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