Edits and other Summer jobs

I received my manuscript back from my editor, Gina, today and have begun the process of going through her comments on “The Debutante’s Dilemma”. Makes a nice break from the home renovations I’m tackling while the boys are at camp this week. I’ve got a bathroom to paint and drywall to prep. Hmm, maybe while I’m teetering on that ladder sanding mechanically, I can ponder my writing, too.

Happily, she likes the overall direction of the story, so the changes are more in line with tightening than either major amputation or extensive additions. Whew. *wiping clammy sweat from brow*

Still, it’s interesting re-reading the story after it’s been dissected by another set of astute eyes. I’ve read and re-read the story so many times that it’s refreshing to see it shaped by someone else’s suggestions. It doesn’t hurt that it’s been a number of months since I wrote this story. Now it’s familiar but not personal and I can appreciate her judicious use of red pen critically, not personally.

My oddest discovery? I have an obsession with the word ‘well’. As in ‘well-appointed’, ‘well-favoured’, ‘well-illuminated’. I have no idea where this need to describe everything so ‘well’ came from but it’s one I hadn’t noticed until Gina gently pointed it out to me. Clearly, my thesaurus function has been underutilized ’til now.

So over the next few weeks I’m going to be hard at work on this manuscript and another full length contemporary and finishing up the bathroom, too. I’m visiting the family cottage next week and I plan to take my work with me. I don’t love editing (does anyone, really?) but I think sitting on the dock in Muskoka, listening to the water lap beneath me, will make it as palatable as it possibly could be.

And certainly more palatable than shaking drywall dust out of my hair for the umpteenth time in a day! 🙂


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