Bouncing Around on a Monday

It’s Monday and there’s only one week ’til school starts. Thank goodness.

Err…what I meant to say is, “It’s Monday and there’s only one week until my darling children can continue furthering their knowledge in the company of their peers.”

Yeah, that’s right. That’s what I meant. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Never the less, I’ve made great progress on my new story. I’d totally intended to write another manuscript entirely. I had it plotted. I’d done my research and then *bam*, like one of those multi-coloured Batman interstitials in the old 60’s show, I stumbled across a story idea and a seed was planted that superceded all my nicely plotted plans.


But for whatever reason, the muse is being very kind to me right now. I’ve written nearly 7000 words since Thursday and the characters’ emotional arcs and motives are just ratcheting tighter and tighter. It’s good stuff, even for a first draft. I’ve got scenes and dialogue coming right left and centre, faster than I can get them down, which leaves me jotting words on scraps of paper wherever I can snatch them. I try and write regularly but having been mainly concerned these past six weeks or so with edits, there hasn’t been a lot of time for fresh new ideas. But having completed line edits on “The Debutante’s Dilemma” and gotten the RRs done on my contemporary, I’ve clearly been able to recharge because it just feels…organic. There will be suffering. There will be angst. There will be (eventually) catharsis.

But not any time soon, notes the heartless author with satisfaction.

I’d totally intended to write this new story as another novella – a middle class counterpoint of sorts to the Beau Monde characters who inhabit “Dilemma” but I have to say, there really might be enough substance here to do something full length.  I wasn’t expecting this development so it’s a little surprising but gosh it feels nice.

But it’s also a Monday where I’m trying new things, namely a new author blog hop.  It turns out since I blog in WordPress that I need a special code to continue the hop… Click on the link and it will take you to a wordpress friendly version of the bloghop.  It’s not as pretty as the ‘blogger’ version but you’ll have lots of fun continuing the hop all the same.

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If that doesn’t work for you, you can go back to the hop host’s site, Confessions of a California Cheer Mom and continue on with the great tour and meet up with the other cool authors that way.

And next time I hop, I promise to get my code right 🙂

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