One Book Wonder No More!

Woo-hoo! Just heard from the powers that be and I’ve sold not ONE but TWO more books with Carina!

See, until I actually sold a book, I had lots of worries.

Would I ever sell a book?

Even if I sold a book, would anyone actually *buy* my book?

And of course, even if I sold a book and people bought it, would I ever sell *another* book?

Lots and lots of secret niggling crows of doubt that haunt all writers, I think and keep us up at night, looking haggard in the harsh light of day (not, of course that *I* ever look less than dewy fresh – I’m speaking metaphorically, of course :))

But I just heard from Gina, my wonderful editor, and it looks like we will both be employed well into 2011 because I’ve just sold two more contemporary manuscripts: one full and one partial.

And if there’s any moral to this story, it’s definitely to keep the faith, because even if a story doesn’t sell the first time you send it out, doesn’t mean it’s never going to find a home.

Because I have seen the full rejected (as a full), after nearly a year of waiting. It was a blow, no doubt about it, and there were a few days of asking myself, “Did I miss the boat on this? Is this story something people will really ever want to read?”. But I dusted myself off and said, “No. I have faith in these characters. They just need to find the right home.”

Then I then experienced the mixed joy of those two dreaded letters when I submitted it last winter to Carina: R&R. Revise and resubmit. But lucky for me, I hadn’t spent my wait time in vain. I’d written “The Debutante’s Dilemma” in the interim and I was able to say to my editor, “Thanks, I’ll work on those revisions and while you’re waiting for them, would you be interested in reading this?”

They were.

They did.

It sold.

So there you have it. I took their comments and made them work for my story, making it better (and saleable) at the same time. I kept writing, even if I couldn’t be sure I would ever sell and my ‘make work’ story turned out better than I ever could have hoped. I kept writing after I sold so I could sell another book. And then another. And hopefully, a whole bunch after that, too.

Repeat after me…”I am not a one book wonder”, “I am not a one book wonder.” Hoorah!

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