A Cheeky Sneak Peek at my Fall Release

A writer’s life is never uneventful. In between working on my next historical, I’ve also been I’ve been working on my fall release, a really sexy, poignant contemporary romance set in the Canadian north.

Unfortunately, while the story is sexy, poignant and just about done, I’m still struggling to find the perfect title. Lots of candidates have been proposed and vetted but none have captured just the right vibe.

A Forever Kind of Fling

All or Nothing

A Friendly Fling

As they say in the cop shows, “I got nuthin'”.

It’s a tricky process. Sometimes, a great title will literally pop into your head *poof* while you’re writing. It did for “Learning Curves” and “The Debutante’s Dilemma”, which both titled themselves. Not so with this one. While the characters and plot have been tromping around in my head for ages (my characters tromp, rattle and generally misbehave themselves in my brain, btw) a title for Sam and Lily’s romance has been far less forthcoming.

So when my editor, Gina, recommended I try Wordle as a way to spark my creative titling juices, I was a little dubious but willing to give it a try.

I’m a convert.  Wordle is a dangerous place for visual people like me. It’s this nifty little Java app that lets you take a 200+ page manuscript and turn it into this:

Or this:

Or this:

I love how it synthesizes the principal words and ideas into this really neat visual representation.  It’s been great for letting me get through the title rut I’ve been struggling with and I’ve been able to see new themes emerge that I had missed before.  Very helpful.  There’s a cool gallery, too, where people take things as mundane as their shopping lists or as significant as the U.S. Constitution and render them in these random groupings.  Some of them are surprisingly artistic.

So consider this a very unorthodox sneak peek at my next release.  A friends-to-lovers story with a gorgeous natural setting, whose title is…?

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