I love you, Stephen Fry

Came across a sprightly commentary on the Globe and Mail today, with a link to a wonderful little monologue that Stephen Fry, that irascible and revoltingly talented British actor and writer, gave a couple of years ago about about language.  Someone then animated it into a pithy short film using a style of animation known as Kinetic Typography (yeah, I’d never heard of it either).

I love Fry for many things (Jeeves and Wooster forever!) so it’s hardly a surprise I guffawed over his commentary, then hunted down the original, unabridged podcast to listen to that, too.  He hit the nail on the head with this one and his use of language… It says everything – in lovely plummy tones,which never hurt – that I think about language, too.

It should be fun.

Fun to write.

Fun to read.

Fun to speak.

If it’s not (copy-edits, fast-approaching deadlines and grant applications, not withstanding), you’re missing out on something grand and magical and that’s a real shame.

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