“Something So Right” Has a Beautiful New Cover

What a great week it’s been.  “Learning Curves” goes on sale next week, my blog tour starts and now I’ve got the cover for my September release to admire, too!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  The graphic designers at Carina always do such a super job with the covers.

I love the colours.  They’re evocative, warm and did you see the lovely vista?  Lily and Sam’s story is set in Muskoka, a wonderful area in Northern Canada that I know well and love, having spent my summers there since I was knee-high to a grasshopper at the family cottage.

If you’ve never been, think blue lakes, tall pines, and lots and lots of granite – or every postcard you’ve ever seen of the Canadian north. 🙂

The vibrant fall hues really pop and I adore how the close Sam and Lily look on the cover – it really captures their relationship.   And if you think they’re close on the cover, wait ’til you see what they get up to between the pages.   They start out as friends but they certainly end up as a lot more than that by the end of the book.

Now, if I can just convince The Powers That Be that it’s really written grey, not gray, pop, not soda and colour, not color…

3 thoughts on ““Something So Right” Has a Beautiful New Cover

    • Thanks, Coleen! And no, we Canadians are happy to stick a ‘u’ in where ever they can: colour, neighbour, behaviour. Much to my American editor’s chagrin LOL

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