Guest Blog at Carina Press: “An Author, Learning the Ropes”

I’m over at Carina today, talking about what I learned during my roundabout and protracted  journey to publication.  Stop by and share your own story of how perseverance paid off for a chance to win a copy of “Learning Curves”.

(For the funny flip side of my story, check out Angela James’ take on the whole ‘lost-book-computer-crash’ saga)  Apparently, I come across as Australian!

And because I’m thrilled by the response Carina’s free book week has garnered online and in the twitterverse, I wanted to show you a beautiful screen capture I took this morning from Carina’s website.

Look!  I’ve got TWO!! books on the most popular list.  “The Debutante’s Dilemma” is #1 and “Learning Curves” is #5.  As my friend Christine Bell says, WOOT!

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