Ten Reasons I Love My Husband

It’s been a busy week at the Mady house.

Managing a book launch for “Learning Curves”.

Spreading the news about Carina’s free book week.

Putting our first house up for sale.  Yes, seriously.  Sign went up yesterday.

And today, it is my tenth wedding anniversary.  June 23, 2001.  We were 23, a week out of college, without a penny to our name and so in love you could have lit a small city with it.

So despite the fact that my stoic, man-of-few-words husband will be mortified by a public declaration, I wanted to list ten of the reasons why, after a decade, two kids and the requisite ups and downs, I know how lucky I am and just how much I love him.

So the top ten reasons I love my husband are:

10.  He’s curious and interested in lots of things.  We always have challenging discussions and learn from each other every day

9.  He doesn’t make grandiose gestures or big flowerly declarations that he never follows through on.  He simply does kind things, quietly and without fanfare, and always keeps his word

8.  He believes in my dreams.  They may not be his dreams but he never belittles or downplays them.  He lets me follow them, always there to cheer me on.

7.  He’s seen me at my best.  He’s seen me at my worst.  He still holds my hand in the movie theatre

6.  He still grins like a teenager about to get lucky when he sneaks up to cop a feel.

5.  *I* still grin like a teenager about to get lucky when he puts on a suit and tie

4.  He never asks anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself.  He’s the hardest working man I know.

3.  The look on his face as he stood in the hospital beside me, holding our children for the first time

2.  He tells me the difficult but true things I need to hear, whether or not (usually not) I want to hear them.  Anyone can tell you the good news; only someone who really loves you will tell you the bad stuff, too

And the number one reason:

1.  He makes me laugh.

Happy Anniversary, doll.


4 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Love My Husband

  1. What a lovely and touching post. Just came over to your blog to leave a message and found this delightful post and what a great way to celebrate that first ten years!! Happy Anniversary to you both and many, many more. Also wanted to give you an FYI that I just read “Learning Curves” and thought it was a splendid piece of writing and the story was so very good. I have written a full review for The Book Binge which will post in the couple of weeks or so. Thanks for sharing it with me. I have put it on my “favorites” list.

    Blessings . . . Dr. Judith of Dr. J’s Book Place, The Book Binge, and Desert Island Keepers

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