Guest Blogging with Jenny Schwartz

Emergency dental surgery is never something you plan for.

Or at least, sort of emergency, ‘we got a last minute cancellation can you bring your kid in first thing Monday when you thought you were scheduled for the end of July?’ dental surgery, which is what happened to me yesterday and which prevented me, bad writing friend that I am, from promoting my visit to my friend Jenny’s blog, where I talk fattening foods, “Love in a Time of Cholera” and why I love my librarian, yesterday.  Because a better, more organized person would have had it all set up to go automatically…I am clearly not a better person, at least not this week and not while my five year old is under anaesthetic!

So I hope you’ll stop by and comment for a chance to win a copy of my new book, “Learning Curves” and to laugh at all my book-loving geekiness.

And no worries by the way.  The surgery was a success and my kid now has a mouthful of very healthy, very well-maintained teeth! LOL


One thought on “Guest Blogging with Jenny Schwartz

  1. So glad your kid’s okay. Dental visits are nightmare — at any age!

    And I was even worse than you. There I was, with a fab guest author, looking forward to your visit for ages, and a thunderstorm blew up, lightning threatened to fry everything, and I bolted. I felt bad all night for not promo’ing your visit beyond a hasty tweet yesterday morning. And of course, today, it’s all sunshine and blue skies!

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