Guest Blogging at LASR

I’m guest blogging today on Long and Short Reviews, talking about “Fictionalizing Real Life”

(Yes, I know – titles aren’t my forte for articles any more than they are for books :P).  But I will be talking about how I came to write a story with a grad student heroine, “Learning Curves” written when I was…a grad student, what it was like dealing with the inevitable (and usually done with raised eyebrows) question of “So, is this *your* story?” wink, wink and how I turned what I knew into something believable but ultimately fictional.

How did I balance my own experiences with the needs of the story?  How much detail is too much and how much isn’t enough?  What details should you incorporate and what characters, events or settings should be based  on ‘real life’.

Throughout the day, I’ll be answering questions on how I tackle fictionalizing real experiences, so if you’ve got a question, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll try and answer it as best I can!

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