“The White Swan Affair” to be an Audible release

I’ve just heard some great news.

My May 21st release, “The White Swan Affair” has been picked up by Audible and will be available as a talking book.  No firm release date yet, but typically it’s available around the same time as the ebook.

Squee!   They always do such a fantastic job and their backlist of Carina titles is great.

In fact, all of the May releases look fantastic and best of all, they’re all going to be Audible releases, too.  I’m particularly excited about Christine Bell‘s new May release – it’s a sequel to her great novella, “The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale“, which I adored when I read it as part of last summer’s Free Read week.  Of course, all of the new releases look fantastic, so it’s a good thing the college term will be finished by then.  I’ll have some time to kick back and read and not feel like I ought to be marking essays or something. 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for updates as I get them.


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