What a Writer Does When They’re Not Writing

Oh, the glamorous life of an author!

The jet-set lifestyle, with the endless rounds of book tours, high-brow lunches with our esoteric author friends, a few short moments at the computer to express our perfectly polished prose, before sending yourself off to sleep by reading yet another raft of laudatory reviews.

Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but not in this universe.  Not in the parallel one.  Not even in the one next to that one. 🙂

I’m gearing up for next month’s release of “The White Swan Affair” in between all the other tasks every working mom juggles and thought you might be interested in a snapshot of my life, as an author.

Here now, the answer to some of the things Elyse Mady does when she’s not writing.

  1. laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.  I don’t know what my kids do when they step out of doors.  Maybe the dirt is lying in wait, lurking?  Maybe it just envelops them, like Pig Pen in Charlie Brown.  But if you come to my house, I am doing/sorting/drying/folding/collecting/putting away/hunting down laundry.  Every.  Single.  Day.
  2. marking.  Lots and lots of marking.  Because I teach literature and film at the college level, I am pretty much guaranteed to be marking something.  Quizzes.  Essays.  Analyses.  Muscle memory now allows my fingers to type the phrase “A tighter, more focused thesis will add authority to your argument” without my conscious mind getting involved at all.
  3. promoting/organizing/emailing.  Email and social media are the bane of my existence.  I love meeting people – virtually or otherwise – but there’s no denying that they do take up a lot of time.  Time away from my writing.  Time away from my family.
  4. *blushing* pinterest.  Yes, I admit it.  Totally  on the Pinterest bandwagon.  Heck, driving the Pinterest bandwagon, screaming at all the other drivers on the road to get out of my way so I can repin that new cupcake recipe.
  5. running.  Slowly.  With a very red face and not a single soundtrack from “Chariots of Fire” to be heard.  But I’m determined that this year, I’m going to run a half marathon in the fall, so run I do, at least three times a week. Besides which, it keeps #1-3 from driving me to the brink of insanity.
  6. reading.  I really do read as much as humanly possible.  We’re all, from the youngest on up, a family of readers, and it’s not that uncommon for us to all be stretched out somewhere in the house as a family, devouring the printed word.

So there you have it.   Not a single jet.  No martinis swilled.  Just a busy life that I love, in between all the craziness that is writing.

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